Vir: Wikipedia. Strani: Poglavjih: Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Posebna teorija relativnosti, Splošna teorija relativnosti, Eugene Paul Wigner, Richard Phillips. Teorija relativnosti [trda vezava]. Authors: translation (Einstein) and afterword Matjaž Ličer translation Albert Einstein in rojstvo sodobne relativistične fizike. Vir: Wikipedia. Strani: Poglavjih: Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Posebna teorija relativnosti, Splo na teorija relativnosti, Eugene Paul Wigner, Richard Phillips.

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Atomic physics Molecular physics Optics Photonics Quantum optics. Drugi projekti Wikimedia Commons. Predicted Relativistic Time Gains”. General relativity has emerged as a highly successful model of gravitation and cosmology, which has so far passed many unambiguous observational and experimental tests. Kaluza—Klein theory Quantum gravity Supergravity.

General relativity – Wikipedia

Statistical evaluations of lensing data provide valuable insight into the structural evolution of galaxies.

Prema Bellu, kvantna nelokalnost teorijja je ustanovljena, dok drugi u tome vide smrt determinizma. The simplest type of such a wave can be visualized by its action on a ring of freely floating particles. The combination of this description with the laws of special relativity results in a heuristic derivation of general relativity. The entry has been added to your favourites.

Using global geometry, later studies have revealed more general properties of black holes. Relativity 3http: For numerical results, see the review Bergersec. A Status Report”, Class. Given the universality relatlvnosti free fall, there is no observable distinction between inertial motion and motion under the influence of the gravitational force.


An early key article is Einsteincf.

Furthermore, each Riemannian metric is naturally associated with one particular kind of connection, the Levi-Civita connectionand this is, in fact, the connection that satisfies the equivalence principle and makes space locally Minkowskian that is, in suitable locally inertial coordinatesthe metric is Minkowskian, and its first partial derivatives and the connection coefficients vanish.

If general relativity were considered to be one of the two pillars of modern physics, then quantum einsteiin, the basis of understanding matter from elementary particles to solid state physicswould be the other.

DavidIt’s About Time.

ShapiroWeinbergch. One attempt to overcome these limitations is string georijaa quantum theory not of point particlesbut of minute one-dimensional extended objects. Waldch.

Teorija relativnosti [trda vezava] | Založba ZRC

Mathematical relativists seek to understand the nature of singularities and the fundamental properties of Einstein’s equations, [] while numerical relativists run increasingly powerful computer simulations such as those describing merging black holes.

General relativity GRalso known as the general theory of relativity or GTR is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in and the current description of gravitation in modern physics.

This relativnisti feature displays references to sentence pairs from translated texts, which we have found for you akbert the Internet, directly within many of our PONS dictionary entries. With this additional condition—the covariant divergence of relaticnosti energy—momentum tensor, and hence of whatever is on the other side of the equation, is zero— the simplest set of equations are what are called Einstein’s field equations:.

Einstein derived these effects using the equivalence principle as early ascf.


The same experimental data shows that time as measured by clocks in a gravitational field— proper timeto give the technical term—does not follow the rules of special relativity. Given the difficulty of finding exact solutions, Einstein’s field equations are also solved frequently by numerical integration on a computer, or by considering small perturbations of exact solutions.

Uzrok smrti bilo je unutarnje krvarenje, izazvano prskanjem aorte.

General relativity

Theories by Albert Einstein General relativity in science. For the experimental evidence, cf.

Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. This structure can be displayed using Penrose—Carter diagrams in which infinitely large regions of space and infinite time intervals are shrunk ” compactified ” so as to fit onto a finite map, while light still travels along diagonals as in standard spacetime diagrams. The actual measurements show that free-falling frames are the ones in which light propagates as it does in special teorijja.

Opšta teorija relativnosti

For weak gravitational fields einsstein slow speed relative to the speed of light, the theory’s predictions converge on those of Newton’s law of universal gravitation. While general relativity replaces the scalar gravitational potential of classical physics by a symmetric rank -two tensorthe latter reduces to the former in certain limiting cases. Oni tada sami sebe nazivaju “Olimpija Akademijom”.