We offer survey and drawing instruments like telescopic levelling staves, natioanl ceylon ghat tracer, natioanl plane table outfit, national bruton. The Ceylon ghat tracer. The first three forms are more commonly used and are explained in this chapter: a. Abney’s Level (Fig. ). It is the most commonly. ries offers a wide range of Ceylon Ghat Tracer (Ghattracer) to our customers as per their requirements and to the full satisfaction of them. A reliable .

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The offered product is tested on various parameters by our quality analysts in order to deliver flawless range at the clients end.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Number and letter each line both ways as shown in fig. Move the milled head screw and make the line of sight to strike the established point. To use the instrument, first fold the legs one upon the other, loosen the milled-head screw. Based on a work at jimtrade. These are held together by a milled-head screw passing through a slider which moves in the slots.

Now in order to directly read the angle between the objects, the graduation on are A-B arc plotted on twice the natural scale. The ray from signal M passes through the unsilvered portion of the horizon glass and through the telescope to the eye E.

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Ghat Tracer

If this is not available, take a ranging rod and make a mark at the same height as that of the object-vane. The Ceylon ghat tracer is extensively used for locating points on a given gradient in the preliminary survey of a hill road and also for measuring the angles of slope.

Be the first to review this item. Keep the ranging rod at one end of the slope and hold the instrument at the other end.

MM Industries Ceylon Ghat Tracer: : Industrial & Scientific

The distance between the points at long end will be exactly thrice that between the points at the short end for enlarging a plan, measure the distance from the plan with the points at the short end, and transfer them on the new sheet with the points at the long end and vice-versa. To test it establish a distant point at tracerr same level as the eye-hole with a level or theodolite, and find whether the line of sight passing through the zero of the scales strikes it.


Then move the tracing point along the lines on the original plan, when ceyllon reduced plan will be drawn by the pencil on the sheet beneath it.

The clinometers are light, compact, hand instruments used for measuring vertical angles, finding out the slope of the ground and for locating points on a given grade. The line joining the instrument-station to the foot of the ranging rod is on the given grade, mark the foot of the ranging rod by a peg. The mirror extends half way across the tube, and the objects are sighted through the other half. For enlarging a plan, interchange the tracing point and the pencil.

When the sliding weight is kept at centre so that the index touches the zero of the scale, the line of sight is horizontal. For any inclination of the tube, the bubble tube remains horizontal and the vernier arm vertical. There was a problem completing your ceyon. The zero of the scale is opposite to the eye hole.

If it is to be used for enlarging a plan interchange the tracing point and the pencil. The instrument is in correct adjustment if the line joining the eye-hole and the zero of the scale is horizontal when the bubble is central. E is the position of the eye where a telescope can ceylo be fixed for taking long sights.

Ghat Tracer, Tracer, Ceylon Ghat Tracer, Survey Equipment

Ceylon Ghat Tracer in Wooden Box is mainly designed for setting out a grade contour that is locating points on a given gradient in the preliminary survey of a hill road. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question.


Tracsr angles of elevation and depression and the reduced levels of points are determined as follows: The key- holes for adjusting the horizon glass, screw at key hole J tilts for horizon glass, screw at key hole tilts the horizon glass to place it at right angle to the sextant plane.

The most accurate method for enlarging or reducing plans is to replot them from the field-notes to the required scale.

Top 4 Instruments Used in Land Surveying |Land Surveying | Surveying

The bubble can be centered by means of milled-head screw provided at one end of the base plate. The pencil can be lifted off the paper by means of a lever attached to the cord when tracing point runs over blank spaces. The instrument is supported on several small rollers so that it remains parallel to the surface of the paper and can move freely in all directions.

If not, the instrument is out of adjustment. A second mirror, called the horizon glass Htrxcer the lower half unsilvered and upper half silvered is rigidly attached to the frame. For reducing a plan, first set the indices of the sliding frames at the graduations representing the required reduction and clamp them.

The plan to be reduced or enlarged is placed in front of the camera, and after setting the desired scale on the camera, the negative sensitised plate is exposed to light. To prove that the ceyon between the mirrors i.

The instrument is commonly used for reducing plans and does not give satisfactory results when used for enlarging plans due to unsteadiness in the joints and supports. It consists of two similar brass arms with sharp points at ends and longitudinal slots in the middle. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Then tighten the screw and pull the legs apart. Each set of tracre forms its own images.