City of Djinns has ratings and reviews. Warwick said: Delhi is lucky to have William Dalrymple as a chronicler – not many cities get such exemp. Sparkling with irrepressible wit, City of Djinns peels back the layers of Delhi’s centuries-old history, revealing an extraordinary array of characters. May 27, Author: William Dalrymple Pages: Published in the year: Publishers: Penguin Genre: Non-fiction/ Memoir For Dalrymple, who has.

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It is most fascinating when Dalrymple describes an ancient monument or place and then adlrymple it in person to observe what it looks like. Now it is all gone. People became tired and listless. This is the second time I’ve read this book.

The picture William Dalrymple portrays of this immortal city is as realistic as it can get. And it transformed both the city and the author. Return cjty Book Page. Bit by bit, the puzzle of the seven cities will come together, and even experienced historians from Delhi will be able to glean new knowledge from this book.

Both the above books were born out of City of Djinns.

City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

Pack-donkeys trot past carrying saddlebags full of rubble. View all 7 comments.

A year in Delhi is a perfect amalgamation of an informative dalymple guide, a beautiful retelling of the city’s history and a ciry personal story William Dalrymple has made an interesting attempt at unravelling the history of this age-old city. Back to the book again. It is simply a brilliant work. Moreover the city – so I soon discovered – possessed a bottomless seam of stories: Preview — City of Djinns by William Dalrymple.

City of Djinns – Wikipedia

I’ve fallen in love with Delhi all over again which is supposed to be odd behaviour for a true-blue Mumbai girl and can’t wait to visit the city for a longer, more illuminating stay. View all 22 comments. Basically william has written in travel book style so you feel daleymple same way as you are also traveling those places. At the still wet-behind-the-ears age of twenty-five, Dalrymple and his wife went to live in Delhi, and this amazing book is the dakrymple of his first year in the city.

  ASTM D1945 PDF

The Whites who came either as part of the East India Company or as scholars, were reverential to the Mughals. Dalrymple’s interview with Ahmed Ali, the author of Twilight in Delhiis fascinating.

View all 29 comments. At first, Dalrymple finds that much of the old life, including the belief in djinns, seems to have faded; but after some digging, he learns that these old customs are simply hidden and very much alive.

I finally started to look for books which fell outside the broader fiction genre. Dalrymple speaks to a few Anglo-Indians who survived that period, and their inputs are quite telling.

City of Djinns 1 6 Feb 04, The title refers to the spirits that according to legend have, throughout the ages, watched over the inhabitants of Delhi. Content rating PG for occasional gruesome, gritty details, comments on Delhi’s red light districts and a section on the hijra transgender community.

Now I am a hijra. Or prompted by a conversation, at other times by the discovery of yet another ancient building crumbling into dust, we journey to the British Imperial India of Lutyens; to o early days of the East India Company; to the waning decades and tragic end of the Mughal Empire in ; to the Golden Age of Shah Jahan; and far, far back to the Tughluk dynasty that ruled nearly all of India from Delhi in the 14th century.

First time I find out that reading history can be so interesting. The tar on the roads glistened like liquid quick-silver.

In pursuit of the Old Muslim glory of the city D reaches Karachi and is thus introduced to even stronger nostalgia for the lost Delhi of before partition, a bi-imperial city. Noon came like a white midnight: William is married to the artist Olivia Fraser, and they have three children. She made willam very hard for us.


Caught in the story are the modern attitudes of people in Delhi, from the Sikh Landlady Mrs. After I was cut all my male blood flowed away and with it went my manhood. The subtle nuances of the people of Delhi, especially his landlord, landlady and the taxi driver are beautifully portrayed. Having breasts like mangoes”, Second rate filthy expression of Mr Singh his driverreflects his playfulness William Dalrymple is the best travel writer only exception is V.

The Summing Up: City Of Djinns

Set upon a period of a year of his stay in the capital, the narration opens up beautiful aspects of Delhi, including architectures erected in the Mughal phase Humayun Fort, the Red Fort Need to see if Dalrymple moves beyond that impression of decay in his later more mature works. The author’s scholarship is, as usual, impressive, but the city he is actually living in rarely comes alive as he describes its past in great detail, though at times with what seemed to me to be the introduction of stereotypical people chosen to illustrate points he is trying to make.

The book covers an amazing spectrum though, and of course different bits of it will appeal more or less to different people. The descriptions of the evolution of culture, literature and religion and politics within the city are particularly noteworthy. The more I read, the more it became clear that the events of were the key to understanding modern Delhi.

The sun had just appeared over the treeline, as blond as clarified butter but powerful none the less, hinting at the furnace-heat to come.