Fanuc 32i control, X axis mm, Y axis mm, Z axis mm, 2 pallets, x mm pallet size, rpm direct drive spindle speed, 40 station ATC. KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by Meridian Machinery, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Wisconsin, United States – # KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by RAB Industries, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Michigan, United States – #

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Kiwa KH-45 cnc horizontal milling machine

Most can be outfitted with bigger tool-magazines than a 5-axis. Kiwwa, what a tool. This situation could be applied to ANY machine tool builder, do shitty programming, get shitty results. Don’t miss your next machine! Sorry my friend, you need somebody to tell you what it is and what it is kwia your actively considering this deal. Copyright Exapro s. The horizontal design of HMC allows a two-pallet work changer to be incorporated into a space efficient machines for fast production.

The key appointment of Mr.

Sell Us Your Surplus Equip. To be honest a lot of this is trail and error from what I have noticed.

Kiwa KH-45 cnc horizontal milling machine

It seem like a decent deal since its basically brand new. It’s there new Tech Center I guess. We also aren’t setup with the right work holding for the versatility.

We did not have allot of issues, just quirky and slow compared to others horizontals. Are they the original selling dealer?


I know I got little side tracked but O well! Needless to say Selway did them dirty.

I’ve made all the parts you are going to want to make and if you are doing volume a horizontal is the way to go. The fact you entertain the currently requested price tells me you are not literate of that machines market kiea, worse you may be over your skis a touch.

I’ll definitely have to head down there.

My goal for is to utilize it way more than we did in But if its a smoking deal were gonna jump on it! I was quoted kisa in for Mori Seiki NHX with tools, 6 pallet, probes,1, coolant, etc fully equipped. The K figure seems awfully high for a mm HMC, even with those options.

I was trying to compare a horizontal with pallet system vs 5 axis with pallet size. Last Jump to page: D Glen just has a printing press while the rest of us are running mere kh45 Dennis, Worth the additional money over the standard flip-down, contact type? Originally Posted by Orange Vise. I’m gonna call tomorrow to ask how much they would charge to set it up.

I feel you can run more complex parts easier and setup faster then on a horizontal. Grinders – Universal 1.

Kiwa – Methods Machine Tools

Plastic Rotational Molding 6. Seems like they arent telling you something. Milling – cnc horizontal milling machines. Which of course makes for two folks looking at big hardware–albeit LawMan is three years removed. Not a long program, about 19 min total on mattsura and 12 something on the Makino’s I have always wondered since I’m newer to the CNC area why some of the big boys including Glen Seekins haven’t gone with 5axis pallet machine instead of horizontals.


I just unsure of the brand since I don’t know much about them and I didn’t want to spend the money just yet till we move. Like I’ve said before you would know better then I would. Once they got it running they hardly used it. I’m not buying that.

KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers Used – Excellent # –

We couldnt get enough look ahead in it for surfacing tho If all 6 pallets were loaded up with custom fixtures, tooling, ect. Originally Posted by LAWeapons. Glen, You mentioned oh-45 an older post that you had issues with the NC4 laser tool measurement in the Matsuura, especially with coolant drips causing false tool breakage alarms. You could prob run that job that takes 7 verticals in like 3 days a week on the horizontal. I understand what your saying but size won’t be a issue if you get the right size machine and fixturing for your parts.

I look at companies like 5th axis and it seems smart to do it like them.