23 Aug I recently read through Beyond Bodybuilding and loved the Strong as Pavel: 80 /20 Powerlifting and How to Add + Pounds to Your Lifts. Beyond Bodybuilding has ratings and 7 reviews. Jake said: Pavel Tsatsouline is one of those guys who produces stuff I like, backed by marketing I usu. Review: Beyond Bodybuilding: Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man by Pavel Do we have a man here?”.

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Week 5 attempt your 1 rep max. I don’t know how I managed veyond gain strength at all but it was in spite of my efforts rather than because.

I actually just finished with the 5x5x5 routine and I really liked it. I’ve found info for solid basics in his books. I am no shill. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Any-one here own a copy? For the at-home kettlebell enthusiasts, fig Universe and the first Mr. Pavel carefully documents the reasons why heavy, basic, intense but brief sessions are the only way to go for dedicated beyknd, absolutely strong people, and those who would aspire to outright studliness!

I was constantly making gains so I wasn’t going to stop using it until i hit a wall and switched up the routine to 5×5 which worked pretty well too. One of the best books on strength training I’ve read. Universe and the first Mr.


It is very advanced and will require intense focus and much practice to perfect, but each component of the process is very useful in it’s own right. Enter your boodybuilding address. Sometimes on a more traditional program I have problems getting burnt out.

Beyond Bodybuilding

I know what you guys mean about all the bullshit marketing he does, though. Nov 2, Messages: Thank you once again, Com.

Now, on one hand that’s fine. Sure there are prettier books out there but is the data as good? I almost never test my pull-up ability, but I can now do a ton of bodyweight pull-ups. After all, give a consummate professional the correct adjustments at the correct time and they can surge forward in their gains… give a championship caliber team the right coaching tips and they can win it all….

The section titled “Periodization Demystified” by itself is worth the bdybuilding of admission. If bovybuilding are afraid to work hard or have a dislike for free weights this is not the book for you.

Policies Terms Site Map. The scientific terminology and muscle terms aren’t for beginners. Have heard this is a revolutionary book on weight-training and bodybuilding. Sep 13, Messages: And I find the communist comrade talk hilarious as well but the ads are a bit much.

His prices are a bit outrageous, but he is a good marketer and has a nice gimmick going with the whole ‘comrade’ theme. Every body part is covered and a blueprint provided for how to build and strengthen every conceivable muscular target.


Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel Tsatsouline

The principles, programs, and advice given in it are the absolute top available. Such as accompanying statements like: I’d spent years struggling with curls for years with lackluster success. It probably also mainly, I’m sure helped that I was on a cut and dropped 15lbs in about the same time!

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The first is my own fault, I bought the Kindle edition. Your review will not be displayed until validated by Dragon Door staff. This is not so much a book as a collection of articles, many of which first appeared in Muscle Media.

I’ve used the 5x5x5 before last june or may before I had an AC seperation lol, it works pretty well I got good gains on all my lifts especially my Deadlift over a 6 week period I don’t do 1rm, so i kept doing the routine. This read, which I got in January, has fundamentally altered my approach.