This Second Edition of MindWar revises and expands the original [ with credentials in Strategic & Space Intelligence, Psychological Operations. 29 Apr Applied Social Psychology: /r/GamesAndTheory – theoretical social engineering. Philosophical Discussion of Propaganda and Related Topics. 16 Nov From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers? .. Aquino, ‘From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory’, Headquarters 7th.

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Indeed, according to both Ronson and The New Yorker writer Jane Mayer, many of the torture techniques employed at Guantanamo Bay, at Abu Ghraib, and at such less-well-known locales as al-Qa-im near the Syrian border in Iraq, are based on Channon and Alexander’s non-lethal schemes, but with lethal consequences in some cases.

It is in their homes and their communities that they are most vulnerable to MindWar Channon visited over New Age facilities during his travels, with such countercultural names as: A psychological climate of inexorable U.

The First Earth Battalion is the hte exemplar of choice. Flow Of Wisdom Radio is a source for alternative news and information delivered in an unconventional way that brings an understanding to some of the worlds controversial conspiracies. Michael Aquino and wife Lilith the name of a folkloric demoness.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Leave your questions and comments Cancel reply Enter your comment here Jim Hardt, were brought in to train the “Jedi Warriors” to heighten their mental telepathy skills through Zen.

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory | FLOW OF WISDOM® | SEAN ANTHONY

About the Author Non-fictional books by Dr. Doctrine in this area is highly developed, and the task is basically one of assembling and maintaining individuals and teams with enough expertise and experience to apply the doctrine effectively.

PSYOP doctrine within or beyond the Army, it was with some fascination that I saw specific of its prescriptions applied during the first Gulf War, and recently even more obviously during the invasion of Iraq. He was in good shape. Andrija Puharich, a doctor te had been conducting work on parapsychology and telepathy for the U.


This is a street-fighting training manual like no other. Navy is glad someone took the idea seriously enough to pursue it. Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt or killed, and nothing is destroyed. Electromagnetic field constructs add fuel to the assumption unifying living matter harmoniously with the operations of nature, the expression of an yhe field no less than non-living systems; and that as points on spectrums, these two entities may at last take their positions in the organization of the universe in a way both explicable and rational PSYOP doctrine within or beyond the Army, it was with some fascination that I psyhcology specific of its prescriptions applied during the first Gulf War, and recently even more obviously during the invasion of Iraq.

Army had yet to emerge from the disappointment and frustration of the Vietnam War. Due to robo-spaming, I had to close the comment sections. Rather they were “branch-immaterial”, meaning that assignments to them were relatively brief and at the long-term risk of promotion within one’s basic branch. However, he’s also one of those rare individuals who could survive even the most vile accusations levelled against him because he is able to prove almost everything he is saying.

The rumor mill soon had it transformed into an Orwellian blueprint for Manchurian Candidate mind control and world domination. To do this, we, like governments around the world, must take a fresh look at non-traditional methods of affecting reality.

Peter Schoomaker, the current U. Essentially you overwhelm your enemy with tthe. I am adding this feed here since I tend to post news related items and odds and ends on my FB and Twitter pages that I do not turn into posts on this website:.

Snapshot from my speech last night for the graduates. As Colonel Paddock so aptly concludes: Basically, he lays out the framework for a new military branch and a system of conflict resolution that desires to stem bloodshed and loss of property.


His name mnidwar Ziad Jarrah. Atmospheric EM activity is regularly altered by such phenomena as sunspot eruptions and gravitational stresses which distort the Earth’s magnetic field. Though only a brief, theoretical speculation, it exploded into the focus of alarmist rumors and debates for the next three decades.

While in the s I had no reason to think that this paper had had any official effect upon U. Max Thurman, and General Stubblebine. Part 4 of the series TimeTravel and paralleluniverse on flowofwisdom. If we do not attack the enemy’s will until froj reaches the battlefield, his nation will have strengthened it as best it can.

Some of my books, all of which you can find th via this link: It can only be used to point that action in the best possible colors as it is taken. Such teams cannot be composed – as they are now – of branch-immaterial officers and NCOs who know simply the basics of tactical propaganda operations.

There are references to literature and quotations drawn from movies, famous personages and certain military minndwar. The T of Victory,” and it presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people. He cannot even share that ideology, for he must use it as an object and manipulate it without the respect that he would have for it if he believed in it.

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The propagandist is not, and cannot be, a “believer”. It is not a ‘light’ read, but this is not to suggest that it is so dense that it would trigger a migraine in all save for select intellectuals. In an obscure internal U.