10 Feb More then words with Mnemonics Free Download with Mediafire Link Download Link for Pdf: Download Link for APK: For Example: GRE. 30 Aug Try this app: You can store and practice vocabulary. Word Store +Flashcard GRE/ GMAT /SAT- Android Apps on Google Play. CrackVerbal provides a list of select high-frequency key words trequired to ace the GRE. Download CrackVerbal’s GRE word list and their mnemonic flashcards.

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But if one comes to you, it’s a great thing ’cause you mnemoonics definitely use that to help you memorize a word or help you to get that word in long-term memory. We are looking for Content Writers years experience for our ed-tech startup based out of Gurgaon.

Example Sentence aberrant behavior deviant ideas.

Arduous – Dictionary definition and meaning for word Arduous. And maybe it’s not better but if you came up with one that you like, then great.

Viscous is like mucus – both mean something sticky or gooey. So if you were studying this word, you would look at the definition, maybe you would be a word detective, see how the word functions in context but you could also take it a step further.


Manhattan 1000 Wordlist

When you eat anything, you reduce it’s quantity. Mnemoniccs the word to the singer “Beyonce Knowles” And that is the point. Art’s climb up the mountain was ‘Artduelous’. Example Sentence worked their arduous way up the mining valley a grueling campaign hard labor heavy work heavy going spent many laborious hours on the project set a punishing pace.

First off, cupidity is excessive greed, especially for money. The point is that the goofier, the crazier, the wackier, image, the more likely it is to stick in your mind. Now you maybe even came up with a better one. Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary.

People always hate boring topic. Sign up for Magoosh to get access to over video lessons. Why did you burn me? Lord Ram abdicated his kingdom for Bharath.


So that is an example of a mnemonic. He abetted him in stealing sachin’s bat. I’m going hiking way up the wilderness.

Now it’s not spelled the exact same way as existent, but that’s our mnemonic, that’s our creative way of remembering, “Aha, extant means is existent. Abash- bash can be drub, which is humiliating.


Example Sentence The King abdicated when he married a divorcee. So one way of memorizing it is to take the I-S, the is, and to drop the is in there.

A BASH makes them uncomfortable.

High Frequency GRE Word List, Fun GRE Word List, Vocabulary GRE word list,

Example Sentence the arduous work of preparing a dictionary. Maybe if mnemonifs weren’t sure on these other two, maybe this one is a little bit more obvious. To reduce gor amount; Put an end to; subside or moderate Mnemonics: Mnemonics Memory Aids for Arduous. Imagine a tired old man visiting you and you offer a chair and say ‘aa bait’ it will lessen relieve your tiredness.

Due to aeyance people frustrated in the show. Bhor in hindi means morning we regard morning with hatred’ki kyun aa gaya yaar kitna acha soye the’ so abhor. Signing up is freequick, and confidential.