Here is the WD Data sheets, this is where you can find all the safety documents about the WD, including Technical data sheets and mechanical data. Uses advised against: No information available at present. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet. WD Company Limited, PO Box , Kiln Farm. SAFETY DATA SHEET. WD40 AEROSOL. According to Regulation (EC) No / 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE.

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WD Go to WD brand shop Tuning for the tool box Millions of users in more than countries swear by this amazingly versatile product, and have done for over 60 years now.

With the WD Smart-Straw, no longer will you need to search high and low for the straw nor detach it in the first place. It comes with the handy Smart Straw spray head for pinpoint Designed to provide high flexibility and chemical resistance to cured film. Used where a combination of corrosion and heat resistance are required. High build, low aromatic, good gloss and hardness. Best in test WD Multipurpose-Spray.


WD-40 Smart Straw

Its primary application area is in elastomeric weather-barrier coatings. Good hardness, gloss and impact resistance. Excellent low temperature flexibility. Excellent lubrication Protects against moisture High pressure resistance. Dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam, or water spray is recommended.

The versatility of the product allows the converter to use the product as is for general purpose applications or formulate for specialty applications. Product information “WD Smart Straw”. This polymer enhances end-use performance while simultaneously enabling formulators to meet increasingly stringent VOC regulations and environmental initiatives.

A versatile resin for furniture wood coatings. Can be used as an adjesion improvement additive sichereitsdatenblatt pigment base grinding medium. Suitable to be used in a wide range of water based coating systems and applications. Removes dust and grease from the chain Protects against wear. Cost effective linear polyester with excellent flexibility. Good stability at low temperature.

The use of high-speed sipensers is idea in that they generate the temperature required for full dispersion and activation. The result of this is a lowered risk of problems such as seeding and false-body.

It also offers excellent performance in semi-transparent and solid color stains and paints for wood or cementitious substrates. Zinc Spray Paint Color Author, access, manage and deploy a compliant safety data sheet library. WD Smart Straw spray lubricant and penetrating oil is available at a store near you.


No customer reviews have been submitted for this product. It comes with the handy Smart Straw spray head for pinpoint application or a wide spray. Air dry, force 04 or bake systems. Very fast dry with excellent blocking and chemical resistances.

Air dry and low-bake. The binder combines excellent performance with true low VOC capability. Low aromatics, good gloss and hardness. Excellent high color, good clarity and gloss, good non-yellowing property.

Modifier polyester to increase cross-linking density. High-gloss polishing Proven for decades The test winner. For high yield primers. Sicherheitsatenblatt hardness and abrasion resistance. Suitable for thinner film coatings.

Buy WD Contact Spray ml | Louis Motorcycle & Leisure

Low VOC, general industrial metal coatings and implement enamels. Please note that we use cookies to improve the use of this website. Economical, good hardness, early water resistance.