Memoirs of an Infantry Officer [Siegfried Sassoon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Personal narratives of a British officer on the Western. 13 Feb Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, first published in , is Siegfried Sassoon’s fictionalized autobiography of the period between the early spring. 30 Aug Siegfried Sassoon was born in and educated at Clare College, of a Fox- Hunting Man (), Memoirs of an Infantry Officer () and.

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There seemed to be some jealousy involved, for a Canadian raid a short time before had been a great success.

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon |

Sponge s Sporting Tour. Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed in ominous si- lence. We stared at one another for a moment; some frbak of my brain made me remember that in peace time he had been an enthusiastic rose grower — had won prizes with his roses, in fact; for he was a married man and had lived in a little house near the barracks.

Once that tiny detail gets ironed out I will embark on this project!

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon

When I was back in the dug-out I found myself fingering with pardonable pride memors two pairs of wire-cutters from the Army and Navy Stores.

On the whole I considered myself lucky to be returning to a place where I knew my way about. There were only eight of them mostly from the other companies and we were unable to do anything before midnight owing to rather lively shelling.

This sobered him and he took my advice, though I doubt whether he did any damage to the Sassokn.


My expectation was an error. Sherston knows the answer to these questions that his own heart gives, though he feels keenly the futility and alienation of his position should it ever become known.

The noise almost as bad as ever.

Manchester reported held up in Bois Franfais Support. Kendle disappeared orficer the trench and sauntered back to me, puffing a surrepti- tious Woodbine.

But the doctor looked thoughtful, and even the brandy couldn’t make Barton optimistic about his ability to command a company in open warfare. Often sarcastic and humorous, this is an honest account of World War One in the boots of an infantry officer.

North that memoirss resort appeared much the same as usual, except for the impressive accumulations of war mat- erial which were dumped along the road. Close by him knelt two of his former mates; one of them was hacking at the ground with an entrenching tool while the other scooped the earth out of the trench 93 with his hands.

The men struggled back defeated when the second belt of German wire proved invulnerable. Voices of men in the dusk.

Not actually a memoir; but a novel. With the benefit of a century’s hindsight, we can see a number of weaknesses in what Sassoon said. Death would be lying in wait for the troops next week, and now die flavour of life ifficer doubly strong. At first, I t Siegfried Sassoon is my favourite war poet. He was assigned to C Company, First Battalion.

Out there it’s just one thing after another, and one soon forgets the bad times; it’s probably something to sassoom with being in the open airso much and getting a lot of exercise An hour before dawn the road was still an empty picture of moonlight. Geen inleiding waarin een beeld van de Eerste Wereldoorlog en de aard van de Eerste Wereldoorlog wordt geschetst.


Sassoon or, as I plan to call him, my dear Siegfried is amazingly talented as a writer and poet. Here is a decorated officer, highly popular infanntry them to stop, or at least announce the new directives which Sassoon felt were dishonourable.

I looked, siegffied there was Morlancourt in the hol- low. For him the Wood was a small green patch oc a piece of paper. View all 12 comments. He details his worries about whether he has done the right thing and whether his views are correct and how ambivalent he feels.

A few of our men were bathing, and I thought how young and light-hearted they looked, splashing one another and shouting as they rocked a crazy boat under some lofty poplars that shivered in a sunset breeze.

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer

Two tough- lookmg privates were disputing the ownership of a pair of field-glasses, so I pulled out my pistol and urged them, with ferocious objurgations, to chuck all that fooling and dig. The men were dished out their rum rations, wished each other good luck, and went over the top with as good a grace as they could muster, usually laughing and joking as they went.

Cock-fighting is illegal in England, but in July the man who could boast that he’d killed a German in the Battle of the Somme would have been patted on the back by a bishop in a hospital ward.