Tamas [Bhisham Sahni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tamas is a book by Bhisham Sahni that depicts the communal violence that took . The events described in Tamas are based on true accounts of the riots of that Sahni Tamas. Front Cover. Bhisham Sahni. Penguin Books India, Tamas by Bhisham Sahni is a novel about the riots in Pakistan preceding the Partition of India. Based on Sahni’s first-hand experience, Tamas (Hindi for.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 21 July He worked both as an actor and a director. Bhisham Sahni’s epic work Tamas Darkness, Ignorance is a novel based on the riots of Partition of India which he witnessed at Rawalpindi. Retrieved 2 December Bhisham Sahni shows how dangerous our understanding of history can be, when glorious stories of wars fought and won instill a sense of pride attached with war, which makes people raring for the same in contemporary times, even of the “enemy” isn’t a foreign invader but a fellow countryman.

Of cold-blooded murder and sudden murderous rages that cause bloodshed. The above two quotes from the book summarise the before and after of the book clearly.

In Tamas, we are exposed to the brutal reality of how the partition of India unfolded, and how ancient religious conflict and tension built up to bursting points. Ramas Sahni was long on my list of ‘cant wait to read’ authors so finally i got hold of his book.

Memories pushes the pens…the novels written under the weight of memories are weak from the point of view of structure.

Bhisham Sahni – Wikipedia

Tamas, as the name suggests, portrays the darkness of an era, two nations, two religions, and overall mankind. The plot, bhissham characters, seem alarmingly familiar even in modern times and that makes this book a must -read. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. This act is seen as a provocation, assumed to be done by the Hindu community. Good book i like it.


तमस [Tamas]

The book says it’s based on real incidents and possible that Bhisham Sahni had witnessed some of the incidents actually narrated bjisham this book. The novel depicts how suddenly the once very familiar cross religion neighbourhoods turn bitterly hostile towards one another.

Inthe Indian neo-realist filmmaker Govind Nihalani turned Tamas into a landmark television film. Bhisham Sahni had gained such an unmatched popularity that all kinds of readers awaited his new creations and each and every word of his was read.

Tamas Summary and Study Guide

Refresh and try again. I had huge expectations from book, but I only has passable feeling. The story of every woman”. It is about people driven mad by terror and grief at the loss of their loved ones, their homes and their possessions. Reading this book will be a pleasure to the history lovers and those who would Tamas was my first Hindi novel. Thekedar insists and tamws Nathu 5 rupees and leaves the shop saying by morning the jamadar will come to take the carcass.

Tamas – Bhisham Sahni – Google Books

For someone, whose grandparents migrated from Pakistan to India in ; I could connect to the novel instantly as I grew up listening to the horrific tales from them. Bakshiji and Hayat Baksh are made vice presidents of Aman Committee. In Augustit bhisbam shown on History TV18 as a series. It was also the high point of Sahni’s acting career. In fact, when I started reading the book, I was quite surprised by the similarity of things with now.


Religion is used by the British for imperialistic agenda, by the Indian politicians as an electoral tool and by religious leaders as polarising extremism, creating insecurity on a national and global scale is clear from the novel. At the gurudwara Teja Singh Amrish Purithe leader of the Sikh council, informs the Sikhs that Mulims are continually collecting arms and sikhs should do the same.

Partition remains one of the saddest moments in Indian history tamaa each literary work I read on it makes me sadder and sadder. May 22, Madhulika Liddle rated it it was amazing.

View all 3 comments. Also, if you are looking for a graphic description of violence in riots, this is not exactly the book you want to read.

Tamas Bhisham Sahni Penguin Books India- Communalism – pages 1 Review Translated by the author ‘ Tamas drove the point home that ordinary people want to live in peace’ The Guardian Aahni in ttamas small-town frontier province injust before Partition, Tamas tells the story of a sweeper named Nathu who is bribed and deceived by a local Muslim politician to kill a pig, ostensibly for a veterinarian. Doraiswamy Nikhil Ghosh B.

He never writes that this is good or that is bad: Jul 08, Nishant rated it it was amazing. After going through a few pages, he came to know that it was about the partition. Retrieved on 6 November