The Tunnel [Ernesto Sabato, Margaret Sayers Peden] on *FREE* Ballantine Books (April 12, ); Language: English; ISBN 28 Apr Framed as the confession of a tormented outcast who has murdered the only woman capable of understanding him, Ernesto Sabato’s The. 16 Aug ‘The Tunnel of Obsession’ by Ernesto SábatoAdapted from Ernesto Sábato’s novel and directed by David Graham-YoungSet and lighting.

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The World, The Flesh, and L. Has The Tunnel been correctly classified? See all 34 reviews. Tye this, his first novel, Ernesto Sabato applies a sure hand te create a chilling tale of obsession and murder. Why do you think so seemingly trivial a thing is capable of binding the two characters so inescapably? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

How many times had that damned split in my consciousness been responsible for the most abominable acts?

In fact, there are times when it becomes easy to forget that we are listening to the account of a murderer. Castel claims he is looking for understanding, a roundabout way of saying he wants someone to be convinced by his justifications utnnel explanations.

The Tunnel Reader’s Guide

Il tunnel – Italia. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It certainly captures that obsessive tunnel-vision very well…. Out of this disconnect, Castel’s obsessive thoughts lead him to all sorts of irrational doubts about the love he has come to believe that they have for one another.

English Choose a language for shopping. See all customer images. I can see why you were reminded of it. She disappears into the crowd sabatl he can establish contact, but she continues to haunt his memories during the months that follow. British writer James Lasdun recently declared: Learn More About The Tunnel print.


Juan Pablo himself is a soul ever more divided, both coldly analytical and given to spasms of volatile irrationality. The inevitable consequence is, of course, a violent crime of passion. A powerfully structured soundtrack, by promising audio artist Nic Gray, a model of its kind, supports but never subverts the action.

The Tunnel

Please try again later. In a better world, would he be a better person?

A nervous shy individual by nature, Castel is terrified by the prospect of striking up a conversation with an unknown woman so he rehearses various scenarios in his mind.

What might be some of the other psychological reasons that drive him to commit his crime? He is paranoid, depressed, suicidal, a “borderline personality.

El Túnel – Wikipedia

I’ve not read it, but some reviews on Amazon praise its effect as akin to that of a first-rate erotic thriller. The complete review ‘s Review:.

Jun 26, Pages Buy. Never heard of this writer before thd. Why is the existential attitude so often embraced by such unsavory protagonists? I found myself flipping between different emotions on reading this novella. Surrounded by friends, admirers, and critics who are largely or solely superficial, he sees in her instead a kindred spirit. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? It becomes a question of why and how Castel does it, what pushes him over the edge prompting him to murder this woman.

The Tunnel by Ernesto Sabato |

Although delusional in some regards, Juan Pablo seems quite lucid when he discusses existential philosophy. And yet, miraculously, he later spots her entering an office building and, as she waits for an elevator, blurts out a series of fumbling questions that form the beginning of a relationship that will transform both their lives. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please see photos of the book uploaded to the Customer Images portion of this product page, at the upper left.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. That said, The Tunnel was particularly apt and a good one for me to close with! How does this organization affect the experience of reading the novel? Literary Fiction Fiction Classics.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. What do the painting and its window represent? One afternoon stopping by at a fashionable Buenos Aires gallery, she is watched by an artist as she studies the tiny corner of one of his paintings, moved by a fragmentary image of a young woman trapped within a window frame. You are commenting using your WordPress. The blond in question, the Grace Kelly role, is played with eye-catching ethereal beauty by Cassandra Holliday.

Much later, she too confesses that the moment when she saw the painting sparked something in her: The artist, convinced snglish she is the only person on earth to understand his work is suddenly seized with an all-consuming passion to possess her. Three reviews of the VHS tape are posted here: Le tunnel – France. They can write all they want A brief encounter follows and they become lovers.